In My Sights

by Dave "Buck Savage" Smith

NEW ARRIVAL!<p>In My Sights <p>by Dave
NEW ARRIVAL!<p>In My Sights <p>by Dave "Buck Savage" Smith - Click to enlarge
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Product Description

He started flying airplanes at 14, fought forest fires on a “hot shot” crew at age 19, and when he turned 22 he became a beat cop in the most crime-ridden city in the United States. To Dave Smith, life is not something to be lived, it’s an adventure to be experienced, and Dave shares some of his most memorable moments in the new book, “In My Sights.”

A collection of humorous essays by the creator of the J.D. ‘Buck’ Savage series, “In My Sights” contains lessons in leadership, perseverance, forgiveness, tolerance, survival and so much more. This book is guaranteed to make you think, weep, question, remember, and of course, laugh out loud. It’s everything you expect from one of America’s top law enforcement trainers, and so much more. Like Dave Smith himself, this book is “entertrainment” at its very best.