Edged Weapons Vol 1: DVD Series - Out of Stock

Edged Weapons Vol 1: DVD Series - Out of Stock
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Edged weapons pose a real and serious threat to law enforcement. A blade less than three inches in length can inflict a deadly wound, and while most people think of an edged weapon as being a knife, it can be a razor blade, screwdriver, or a piece of broken glass. Bottom line, if it can cut, it’s an edged weapon.

Some of the country’s most renowned experts — such as Dennis Tueller, developer of the 21-Foot Rule, and defensive tactics instructor Acie Mitchell — help you prepare for and respond to these spontaneous and potentially deadly attacks.

In addition, PoliceOne’s Dave Smith looks at a real-life incident in which an EDP held Seattle police up all day, threatening them with a Samurai sword. He discusses the measures that were taken to successfully take the suspect down with less-lethal force.